Camp - Adventurers: AQUATIC EXPLORATIONS, July 23-27

This event is no longer on sale.

Monday July 23

9:00 AM  –  3:00 PM

Water is an important asset when in the wilderness. Build a filtering system to procure water for drinking, learn survival fishing techniques and construct a waterproof shelter using natural materials. A visit to Elk Neck State Park in Maryland will give you an opportunity to contrast the wildlife in freshwater and marine ecosystems. Explore the sandy shorelines, go crabbing along the Chesapeake Bay and maybe catch a glimpse of a bald eagle at the lighthouse bluff.

Are you ready for adventure? These teen camps are designed to challenge campers with awesome outdoor experiences. Campers will spend their week learning the skills necessary to survive in the wilds. This includes fire safety, food preparation, orienteering, packing, all while learning to work in a group and plan a trip. On Thursday, the team will embark on an overnight adventure to explore interesting new environments and to put their camping skills to the test! Campers will walk away from this week with newfound confidence and strong friendships. Camp hours are 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., with the exception of the Thursday to Friday overnight.  Dinner and breakfast are provided during overnights.  Campers should bring a mid-morning snack, a packed lunch and a water bottle. Members: $400 per week; Non-members: $450 per week

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Please note that if you are registering your child close to the start of camp, we require a Camper Information Health History Form before camp begins, so please plan accordingly. This form requires a physician’s signature on either the form itself or on a current health history record attachment dated no earlier than one year before the start of camp.  Children will not be permitted to attend camp without this form on file.  This form will be emailed to you with your confirmation letter following registration and must be submitted by check-in on Monday morning.