SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Making Insects - A Guide to Restoring the Little Things that Run the World

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Sunday July 23

3:00 PM  –  5:00 PM

Presented as part of Tyler Arboretum's summer exhibit: DAVID ROGERS' BIG BUGS

Enjoy a talk, a walk, and a reception with noted entomologist, Dr. Doug Tallamy of the University of Delaware, as you learn about the little things that run the world: bugs!

Making Insects: A Guide to Restoring the Little Things that Run the World
Sunday, July 23, 3 – 5 pm, Tyler Arboretum, Barn Loft

  • Did you know that globally, insect populations have declined 45% since 1974? 
  • Did you know that a world without insects is a world without humans? 
  • How do we build landscapes that support the pollinators, herbivores, detritivores, predators, and parasitoids that run the ecosystems we depend on? 

Join Professor Doug Tallamy, Ph. D., Chair of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware and author of Bringing Nature Home, as he reminds us of the many essential roles insects play, and describes the simple changes we must make in our landscapes and our attitudes to keep insects on the ground, in the air and yes, on our plants! Meet Dr. Tallamy for a reception and a walk among David Rogers' Big Bugs after the talk.

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