Tiny Trackers: Spring Bundle of 7 classes

This event is no longer on sale.

Thursday March 8

1:00 PM  –  2:30 PM

Ages 4 – 6 

Tiny Trackers programs are for children and their favorite adult. Each program includes a lesson and nature exploration. Fee is for the child only.

Bundle of 7 classes on the following Thursdays from 1:00-2:30 PM:

March 7 - Nifty Nests

What are birds up to in springtime? Learn how they find each other and build nurseries for their babies. See if you can build a nest like the birds do.

March 21 - Lenape Life

Experience the daily life of Lenape families who lived in our region 1,000 years ago. Learn how they used native plants and animals for shelters, hunting, cooking and clothing. Play some Lenape games!

April 4 - Amazing Ants

Don’t squish that ant! All life is important, even the tiniest creatures. Discover how ants live in colonies, communicate and defend themselves using bites and stings. Go on a hike and see some ants in action.

April 18 - What on Earth Are You Doing for Earth Day?

Let’s talk about what we can do to take care of our beautiful planet on Earth Day and every day. Tyler is a “tree museum” and we have a lot of magnificent trees – learn about their importance.

May 2 - Things with Wings

Birds aren’t the only animals with wings. Explore why insects have wings. Be an insect detective – take our nets to explore the meadow and see if we can catch some real bugs! 

May 16 - Ribbit, Ribbit!

Today is all about frogs! Why are they wet? How can they jump so far? Why do they have a long and sticky tongue? Visit the Pond for a close-up look at these amazing amphibians.

May 30 - May Flowers

Did April showers bring us May flowers? Get up-close with all parts of a flower, both inside and out. We'll go on color walk to find them and finish by making a flower craft to take home! 

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